New journal section: Report on Tools and Tool Applications


Submissions to the new section "Report on Tools and Tool Applications" describe and evaluate software tools and tool applications in the journal's areas of interest, e.g., (meta-)modelling tools, tools for M2M- and M2T-transformations, process-aware information systems, process management systems, process engines, software architectures of such tools. A submission to this section should describe and justify the tool design including all relevant design objectives and requirements, design alternatives and decisions and the software architecture. The tool description should focus on the specific features of the tool and relate the tool to other tools and prior related work. It is strongly encouraged that the described tools are openly accessible on the Web (i.e. Libre/Free/Open Source Software at best). If this is not possible, then they have to be made available to the reviewers (contact the editorial office for an arrangement). Submissions to this section are double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers (with review criteria adapted to this section), and must adhere to scholarly standards in terms of originality, level of abstraction and justification of results.