The Role of Enterprise Governance and Cartography in Enterprise Engineering


  • José Tribolet University of Lisbon
  • Pedro Sousa Univerity of Lisbon and Link Consulting
  • Artur Caetano University of Lisbon and INESC-ID



Enterprise artography is fundamental to govern the transformation processes of an organisation. The artefacts of enterprise cartography represent the structure and dynamics of an organisation from three temporal views: as-was (past), as- is (present), and to-be (future). These views are dynamically generated from a continuous process that collects operational data from an organisation. This paper defines a set of enterprise cartography principles and provides an account of its role in understanding the dynamics of an organisation. The principles are grounded on control theory and are defined as a realisation of the observer and modeller components of the feedback control loop found on dynamic systems. As a result, an organisation can be abstracted as a dynamic system where a network of actors collaborate and produce results that can be depicted using cartographic maps.






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